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Some of the services offered by SEA Co. based on its economic approach are as follows: Investment; investment in new and common markets with our experts will guarantee and preserve your capital during inflation period.

Services Rendered

Participate in tenders

Plan and develop a detailed plan for participating in foreign tenders, according to international trade standards.

Technical Services

The technical and engineering services of Shokoofehaye Eghtesad E Ayandenagar Company include collaboration in information system design and development, commercial software, building clinics (design, decorating, making buildings, mines, and industries smarter), and research studies.

Foreign Trade

Foreign trade will boost your company's worldwide reputation, and global marketing need a high degree of knowledge and skill, which our collection will provide.

Internal Commerce

Internal commerce inside the Islamic Republic of Iran is another field of SEA Co. Services

Procurement of Equipment & Products

Procurement of equipment and machinery required by industrialists in various fields are among other services we provide at SEA Co. Employing our expertise knowledge, we guarantee the minimum risk and preventing our clients’ losses. Our colleagues will offer a wide range of services and consultancy from finding suitable and trustworthy supplier to concluding the contract, transport, shipment for export – import.


Investing in new and established markets with the assistance of specialists can enable you to save money during periods of inflation.

Services Rendered
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