Internal Commerce

Internal commerce inside the Islamic Republic of Iran is another field of SEA Co. Services

Clearance of Goods from Customs Office & Related Services

Clearance of Goods from Customs Office covers a process through various steps, which can be done by our team within a reasonable period.

Holding of Exhibitions & Seminars

Having enough experience and specialty with the collaboration of special companies whose main field of activity is holding internal and external fairs as well as holding seminars and conferences, virtual and physical, SEA Co. is capable enough to hold such events.

Supply of Equipment & Resources (Financers)

Supply of Equipment and Resources (Financers) is one of the important sections of import/export. As one of the main objectives to is establish SEA Co. was the Supply of Equipment & Resources (Financers), we have managed to rely on our well education staff and thus to attain a suitable position in sourcing, negotiation and concluding contracts.

Finding Markets with Publicity Models

Development of markets for companies and manufacturing units need a strategic and targeted planning in order to enable the companies to correspond business opportunities with the company’s interests and objective, and gain in the market. Providing such a process according to the most updated publicity models is one of our services at SEA Co.

Taking Exclusive Representation from Credible Producers & Well-Known Brands

Getting representation from a trading company is based on a contract through which a real or a legal person is assigned to hold negotiation or make business, and takes its commission or wage. Exclusive Representation is one of the examples of Trade Representation. Having the status of Exclusive Representation from credible producers and well-known brands entitle you to enjoy being their sole agent and partner company in the region/s you agreed upon to sell their products.

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