Technical Services

The technical and engineering services of Shokoofehaye Eghtesad E Ayandenagar Company include collaboration in information system design and development, commercial software, building clinics (design, decorating, making buildings, mines, and industries smarter), and research studies.

Collaboration in research and economic affairs

It is critical in today's society to do thorough study, particularly in economics. You may boost your production by doing theoretical and practical research on various economic topics. Partnership and collaboration with professionals make this feasible. Another service this group gives is participation and collaboration in research and financial concerns.

Programming and design for business websites

In the current situation, site design is a success criterion in various commercial and business enterprises. You may get an advantage over your competitors by using our skilled and experienced group's programming services and developing business-related websites.

Engineering services in design and construction

Engineering services, training and information, technical services, the sale of basic materials, and the manufacturing, sale, and installation of mechanical and electrical systems are all included in the design and constructional clinic. You may reach out to this organization for a wide range of engineering services in design and construction.

Full smart services

Pre- and post-installation services for smart equipment, commissioning of the equipment, and training and after-sales support for the device are all examples of smart services. This company offers a variety of services, including comprehensive smart services.

Collaboration in scientific research

Conducting scientific study allows various fields to continue their scientific lives, and this route continues until the end aim is attained. Scientific study has the potential to pave the road for a brighter future. This study has several forms and is carried out in various methods. You may obtain more dazzling outcomes by cooperating in scientific research and using the expertise and experience of experienced individuals.

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