About Us

We offer financial and commercial advice to help you identify the most secure investment approach based on your objectives, money, and time frame for profit. Our top priorities include stock market investments, IT, petroleum and petrochemical exports and imports, agricultural goods, and technological and engineering accomplishments.

Company Structure

We use the newest investment standards and models from across the globe and the latest approaches and methods of economic assessment based on research, analysis, and study of local and foreign markets.

Our Goals

Our requirements for raising capital, financial and commercial involvement, and investor qualification are anti-money laundering and in conformity with economic transparency and investor qualification regulations.

Business development goals and horizons

Starting Internet enterprises and startups and investing and engaging in entrepreneurship. Investing in the stock market, exports, and imports by attracting stray capital.

Projects Our recent projects

Oil exports

Import of clothing

elevator parts

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Said Zinati Managing Director
Mohammad Tavana Acting Managing Director & Commercial Director
Motahareh Khosravani Executive & Financial Manager
Hassan Hassan Pour IT Manager
Mehrdad Mirzaie Investment Expert
Ramezan Ali Esmaeli Commercial Expert
Milad Zinati Director of Public Relations

Our Customers Comments

Alireza Farokhi Pars Tejarat Co.

I would like to express my thanks and appreciations to highly experienced experts of SEA Co. who honestly and responsibly followed up my company’s affairs.

Mohsen Naderi Sepahan San’at Nour Co.

I received very useful consultancy to launch my business. I hereby express my thanks and satisfaction.