Procurement of Equipment & Products

Procurement of equipment and machinery required by industrialists in various fields are among other services we provide at SEA Co. Employing our expertise knowledge, we guarantee the minimum risk and preventing our clients’ losses. Our colleagues will offer a wide range of services and consultancy from finding suitable and trustworthy supplier to concluding the contract, transport, shipment for export – import.

Transport Services

It is an important part of your business. SEA Co. can provide the best transport services (by Air, by Rail, by Sea & by Road) according to the type of goods in packaging suitable to target markets of our clients.

Smart & Electronic Products

Today, smart and electronic equipment have a louder voice in commerce. Our team has a good knowledge of smartification brands, market awareness and its commercial gamesmanship to help supply you with products and smartification services in buildings, mines, factories and industries and thus enables you to keep ahead of your competitors.

Supply of Components & Parts

Supply of parts and components of various machineries are among the critical problems of many importers and manufacturers, which is surmountable when you are assisted by seasoned and trustworthy suppliers. Parts and components have very important role in installation of machineries as well as manufactured products. You can rely on our experienced team to supply the required parts of your industry.

Supply of Products

Product is of great importance in import – export. In principle, there must be a product to form business and commerce. But the supply of the product, especially at the present sensitive junction and its related follow-ups must be made by well-educated experts who have good knowledge in this field. Our team is ready to assist and advise you how to supply your products in your business and your trade.

The Equipment & Their Supply

Main key to import – export of goods, and commerce in general, is special equipment that should be supplied properly and in due time. Our experienced team containing professional experts is there to remarkably assist you to supply the special equipment in your trade. They help you comfortably proceed with your import - export at this stage too. our seasoned expert with their expertise in commerce will offer you particular advises and consultancies to prepare a list of your documents and other papers like bill of lading, insurance, delivery timetable, etc. to guarantee your interests.

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